Registered Highland Cattle Breeding Stock


T5 Truffles

AHCA Registration 51020

Color: Yellow

DOB: April 25, 2011

Sire: T5 Samhain 46091 brindle

Dam: Anshea 39850 red

She was 3.5 years old when she came to live here. 

In this picture she is almost 7 years old.


DOB gender color Name Reg Number

05/01/2013 C Y Molly of Twin Oak 52826

06/2014 believed to have calved, but that it was killed by predators in MT.

02/26/2015 C R DNW Progresso Gressy 54618

12/29/2016 B D DNW Red's Brodie (D) 56566 

02/15/2018 C Y Hazelnut (not registered)

Coffee of Twin Oak

AHCA Registration 53703

Color: Black

DOB: May 4, 2014

Sire: Flatheads Glen Elgin 49540

Dam: HHR Camille 36401

This girl is a looker! Man what a set of horns she has! She is said to be of the last line of the HHR herd that was geared towards beef production. She is the largest of our girls by a few inches tall. At 4 years old, she decided she needed to be in charge of the herd. She pushed Truffles out of that position, taking over as lead cow.

Born in MT and came to live here at 5 months old.

Mocha of Twin Oak

AHCA Registration 53702
Color: Red
DOB: 2014
Sire: HE William of Twin Oak 47651 yellow
Dam: Bonnie of Yukon 47431 Red

Born in MT and came to live here at 5 months old. Strikingly red and nice horns!


HSH Red's MoJo

AHCA Registration 55713

Color: Dun

DOB: 150322

Sire: Bart's Red Bull 48481 brindle (actually black)

Dam: SP Lani 32576 red

Hails out of Givens Hot Springs, ID.

In this picture MoJo was 2.5 years old. 


AHCA Registration 58138

Color: Dun

DOB: 170604

Sire: HSH Red's MoJo 55713 dun

Dam: Coffee of Twin Oak 53703 black

Born right here in Eagle, ID. 

In this pictures he was 9 months old. 

DNW Extra Shot Buzz

AHCA Registration 54629

Color: Brindle

DOB: September 30, 2014

Sire: EHE William of Twin Oak 47651 yellow

Dam: Izzy of Yukon 46552 red

First calf born here the day after his mama arrived here from Montana! Sold to a young couple in Emmett, ID. There he has his own small herd of mixed breed cows and is used for "stud service". Great looking, calm bull. 

In this picture he was 15 months old.