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Our Chickens

It is such a pleasure to have variety of colors and personalities, not to mention the colorful variations in their eggs! We have this variety because we have several breeds of chickens (and a few ducks)! 

Ameraucana a bearded small bird that lay a pastel green or blue egg that range in the medium to large size. Their feather colors and patterns vary. These are an American variation of the Araucana breed. 

Barred Rock (Barred Plymouth Rock) an average- large sized bird that lay pink, medium to large sized eggs. They are “dual purpose” for meat and egg  production. An American developed breed. We truly enjoy our Barred Rock hens. They are quite social and friendly. Good layers too. Finish weight: hens 7 – 7.5, roos 8. 

Bielefelder a breed new to the US, imported in 2011 by who says, “Bielefelders consistently lay some of the the largest brown eggs of any chicken breed that we have kept at Greenfire Farms, they lay them in very impressive numbers, and they start laying at a young age. The eggs are a color that is unique to this breed. Their beautiful shade of brown, which contains pink undertones, is distinct in appearance from other chicken breeds. Hens are also unusual in that despite their large size they are extremely gentle, and you can remove the eggs from under the hens without being pecked; a practical everyday benefit given the mass and power of these birds. This is an auto-sexing breed. 


Marans (Black Copper and Wheaten) breed originates from France. They produce medium to very dark brown eggs; generally in the large category. Often folks call them "chocolate eggs" because of their color. The Black Copper and the Wheaten Marans are reputed to produce the very darkest eggs. There are several colors of which we have: Black Copper, Wheaten, and Blue Copper. The breed is fairly docile, but can be aggressive. Finish weight: hens 5.5 – 6.5, roos 8 – 9 lbs.


Welsummer a small bird that lay small to medium eggs on a very regular basis. They are reputed to have among the darkest brown eggs. They have a reddish tent to them making them a terra cotta color. Some have dark speckles that range from a few large spots to many small ones. Finish weight: hens 4.5 – 5.5, roos 6 – 7.2 lbs.


Wyandotte come in a variety of colors; we have Silver Laced Wyandottes. Friendly but timid girls, they are good layers of light tan eggs. Docile, dual purpose. Finish weight: hens 6, roos 8.5 lbs. 

Our chickens are free range. Every day they enjoy the freedom to roam our 5 acres. Free to wander with the cattle, rabbits, and ducks. Each night they all return to the safety of their coop.